About cleaning

There are many sources of domestic dust: people and pets continually shed scales of dead skin tissue, hair and fur. Everyday life habits (domestic chores, cooking, eating, hobbies, smoking, etc) are another source of dust. Particles and heavy metals get into our homes every day through doors and windows, on shoes, clothes and anything else brought in from the outside. Mattresses, upholstery and carpeting catch this dirt, and, furthermore, produce dust themselves. Domestic dust consists of organic and inorganic substances. High concentration of certain types of the substances called allergens can cause allergies – even in people who have never suffered from it before. Many of these substances are produced by mites in domestic dust.

Dust mites belong to the arachnid species (as well as spiders) and feed mainly on dead skin and bacteria. People suffering from allergies usually have a hereditary predisposition to developing hypersensitivity to ambient allergens, but more often it is caused by prolonged contact with the source of allergens. Since people spend most of their time in confined spaces, it began to influence their health. Caring for home does not mean just removing visible dust (traditional cleaning), but also removal of invisible dirt hazardous to our health in order to improve the quality of life in the domestic environment.

Our company offers mattress and carpeting hypoallergenic deep cleaning services, whereby we use unique cleaning agents consisting of cellulose and containing no hazardous chemicals.

Disadvantages of other cleaning methods

Just after wet cleaning the carpet seems to be clean. But a bit later, when the carpet dries out, the dirt arises to the carpet surface again and causes dirty spots, whereby the carpet catches new dust as well, and you need to clean the carpet again. Dry cleaning of carpets is still done using hazardous chemicals. For this reason we offer dry cleaning using special hypoallergenic cleaning agents produced by German company VORWERK – Kobosan active and Lavenia.

Cleaning agents

Kobosan active

Kobosan active is hypoallergenic cleaning powder, which cleans your carpeting deeply.

Intensive and deep cleaning. Your carpet is completely clean. Pile is soft again, and the colour becomes brighter and fresher.

Kobosan active with Anti-Soil formula prevents carpet tissues from absorbing dry dirt too quickly. Your carpet remains clean and new for a longer period of time.

TÜV Nord (registered independent test organisation) confirms that Kobosan active reduces allergens and is suitable for allergic people.

Kobosan active is insoluble. Cleaning procedure is absolutely safe for the both carpeting and user.

Kobosan active consists of virtually pure cellulose.


Lavenia is a hypoallergenic cleaning agent for mattresses.

Lavenia not only eliminates dust from your mattress, but also removes efficiently bacteria, mite faeces and mould spores. It reduces the amount of allergens in the mattress to a large extent.

Lavenia contains only non-hazardous agents conforming to European safety standards for cosmetics.

TÜV Nord (registered independent test organisation) confirms that Lavenia reduces allergens efficiently.

Lavenia contributes actively in your health, and it is especially suitable for allergy-prone people.


Kobotex is a cleaning agent for intensive cleaning of extremely dirty areas of carpet. It removes stains effectively. The agent is used for elimination of stains from upholstery and clothes.